Sustainable Design

Solar Energy

Last week I photographed the interior of this older brick building in Manhattan. The designers were very smart. They rehabbed the old building instead of tearing it down. More important, they figured a way to use the sun instead of electric lights. The conference room and many of the other rooms do not have to rely on electricity for light during the day, because there are large window that let in the sun. But it does not stop there. The interior walls are glass, so the hallways are also lit. And so that the conference rooms provide privacy, the walls become frosted with the touch of a button. Even when frosted, most of the sunlight still illuminates the interior of the building. Sexy stuff.

I really like the open airy feeling created by the sun coming through the conference room’s glass walls. I think it’s beautiful too, as it contrasts with the hardwood floor. What do you think?

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