Classic Posters

Classic Posters In The Age Of Print

Before posters were known to place such a burden on our fragile ecosystem, I had a great time working with the top designers in CT; People like Peter Good, Bob Appleton, Bill Wondriska, Dennis Russo, James Pettus, Don Carter, Dan de Witt, Jeff Pollard, Chris Passehl, and many more. This poster, A Perfect Ganesh, was designed by Dennis Russo for Theater Works. I love it because I have always been interested in Hindu philosophy and love the story of Ganesh, but I never made it to the play. BTW for the technically minded this selective focus was done in the camera, not some photoshop filter. I used a 4×5 view camera and transparency film. Fun stuff.

From time to time I will be including these posters in my blog, because when they are gone, they will probably not be seen again except in digital form. I am sorry this era is over, but I think it will save some trees. And I think emails may be today’s posters. What do you think? Make sure to leave a comment.

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