Eight To The Bar

Can You Hear The Music?

This image of the new Eight To The Bar CD cover is smaller than my usual image posts. that’s because I wanted you to see what the CD looked like, so you can buy it at one of their concerts. They are truly a remarkable band. Every time I listen to one of their CDs, I am amazed at their talent and creativity. On this one called Romper Room I was hired by master graphic designer James Pettus of Farmington, CT.

The idea was to create the feeling of a brothel with their beautiful lead singer standing outside waiting to seduce her next customer. The view to the left is a peek inside the “romper room” where customers are having a good time. In this case the customers are the rest of the band. Design and photoshop are by James. When I created the photo the doorway was on the right. It was a cool shot that James made even cooler.

You can view other photos from the shoot as well as find out more about the band at their website. Make sure to look at their schedule because you just have to see them live. And BTW, after you see them, let me know what you think. Thanks.

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