Pretty Dangerous

Pretty But Dangerous

I was talking to my wife last night about “transition towns” and the whole transition initiative that is spreading around the world. We started trying to figure out how simple things like cosmetics and storage containers and telephones could be made without using oil. When I think about it looking down at my keyboard, I’m sure the keys and many of the parts are petroleum based plastics. It’s as if we are standing on this huge mountain and it’s all made out of oil. That’s what the “transition” movement is about. It’s about getting ready for the day when our society is no longer built on oil. There’s a lot to it, but one aspect is growing and manufacturing and consuming locally. Can it work? We certainly will find out. The question is, will we do it when oil is really scarce or can we start doing it now before a lot of people die?

As I walked into my studio after a shoot today, I saw a stack of CDs on the window sill. In their jewel cases with the sun shining through they are pretty. But they represent a way of life that has proven dangerous to all life. So I started looking for green CD cases on the web. Most of them contain some plastic. I would like to find some that will melt back into my garden when I don’t want them anymore. If you know of anything like this,  let me know by commenting on this blog.

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