For The Birds

Broken Birds and Animals

Not long ago I visited a shelter for injured birds. I was going there to shoot a bald eagle for a financial services company that uses nature to communicate it’s message. I got the eagle in a variety of poses, always tethered to a post, and was able to shoot some other injured birds as well. In reviewing the shots I picked some favorites and found myself wishing they could be free. But the fact is, none of them can fly and they would starve in the wild.

Golden Eagle

This is one big bird. It was frightening to be so close to him. But I also felt lucky to be there. This owl is the other extreme. He was so cute I wanted to grab him and sneak him out of the shelter. But at least I got to capture his image.

Tiny Owl

Red Tailed Hawk

This was a beautiful animal. And again I felt drawn to him, but I would not want to look up at him through the eyes of a small rodent. The reason I was looking at all these images was because a client asked me about shooting animals. I’ve shot a lot of them but it’s not my specialty. I can’t resist showing one more bird however. My swan.

My Swan

This guy was so mad at me he wanted to rip out my throat, but fortunately the swan trainer was there. He actually rushed me a couple of times, but the trainer intervened. Why was he angry? He just didn’t like being asked to sit in a chair and vamp for the photographer. I can’t blame him. BTW, nothing in this photo is retouched. The swan really was sitting in the chair giving me dirty looks.

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