Turn A Hummer Green

Here we aren’t talking about fuel efficient or eco-friendly. This little baby will make a Hummer green with envy. Next to this rock hauling truck I shot at the top of a strip mine in West Virginia, a Hummer looks like a roller skate. This is coal country, and after they blast the rock away they need to put it somewhere so they can get at the coal. This truck makes it possible.

Big Scare

The worst thing about this three story beast, other than the mileage (can it even go a mile on a gallon?) is that it weighs so much it’s hard to stop. So when I drove over to the mine, I had to climb up this dirt road that felt like a chapter from the Inferno. There were signs lining both sides of the road warning that trucks coming down the hill would not be able to stop. In other words, DANGER! As my hands were sweating and I drove slowly up the narrow road, I kept thinking there must be a regular procedure so they don’t kill people. Besides, there really wasn’t anywhere to go. There were deep ditches on both sides of the road. If I drove off either side, I would probably flip my car. But I was ready to try it, if I saw one of those beasts roaring down on me.

Well you know the answer, I lived to tell this tale. I didn’t even see any monster trucks until I got to the top and at that point it was parked. I had another run in with these babies when I went to Indonesia. We had to shoot at a factory where they were built. They were all neatly parked nose to nose. They didn’t seem to be selling many, so maybe strip mining isn’t as popular as it used to be.

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