Fashion Connecticut

Connecticut is not a fashion capital, but it’s great to work with models that have the look. This shot was taken for a skin-care product company, and I feel the model has a quality that will get her more work. She has a great attitude as well.

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Workingman’s Photography

My Brother Working In His Shop

This is no ordinary shop in the basement. It has everything you need to build beautiful furniture and create almost anything out of wood or metal. And my brother takes it seriously. He was fun to photograph because as we grew up he was always building something. It really reminded me of back in the day. Expect a whole series on working and I am planning a book about a particular occupation, so stay tuned.

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Photography Down Below

What’s it like to work over 2000 ft below the surface? I got a taste when I went below with  several miners. Overall, the most frightening part was the ride back from darkness to daylight. The mine ceiling was at least a couple of feet above my head, but I kept ducking because we were moving pretty fast during our exit. It is beautiful country down there in Appalachia. I was hoping to hear some live music, but all I got was a CD form one of the local groups. Nice to be back up on top.

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How Green?

How Green Is Green?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to sustainable practices lately since many of my clients are involved in making their businesses greener. In addition, I am the sustainability liaison for AIGA Connecticut. What does that mean? It means I am working with designers around the country to try to make sustainable practices normal. But more on that later.

Part of my work lately has been going around shooting Connecticut farms and this is a beautiful example of a broccoli and cabbage field nestled in the rolling hills. It was raining but I think that only helped increase the intensity of the greens.

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Turn A Hummer Green

Here we aren’t talking about fuel efficient or eco-friendly. This little baby will make a Hummer green with envy. Next to this rock hauling truck I shot at the top of a strip mine in West Virginia, a Hummer looks like a roller skate. This is coal country, and after they blast the rock away they need to put it somewhere so they can get at the coal. This truck makes it possible.

Big Scare

The worst thing about this three story beast, other than the mileage (can it even go a mile on a gallon?) is that it weighs so much it’s hard to stop. So when I drove over to the mine, I had to climb up this dirt road that felt like a chapter from the Inferno. There were signs lining both sides of the road warning that trucks coming down the hill would not be able to stop. In other words, DANGER! As my hands were sweating and I drove slowly up the narrow road, I kept thinking there must be a regular procedure so they don’t kill people. Besides, there really wasn’t anywhere to go. There were deep ditches on both sides of the road. If I drove off either side, I would probably flip my car. But I was ready to try it, if I saw one of those beasts roaring down on me.

Well you know the answer, I lived to tell this tale. I didn’t even see any monster trucks until I got to the top and at that point it was parked. I had another run in with these babies when I went to Indonesia. We had to shoot at a factory where they were built. They were all neatly parked nose to nose. They didn’t seem to be selling many, so maybe strip mining isn’t as popular as it used to be.

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Eight To The Bar

Can You Hear The Music?

This image of the new Eight To The Bar CD cover is smaller than my usual image posts. that’s because I wanted you to see what the CD looked like, so you can buy it at one of their concerts. They are truly a remarkable band. Every time I listen to one of their CDs, I am amazed at their talent and creativity. On this one called Romper Room I was hired by master graphic designer James Pettus of Farmington, CT.

The idea was to create the feeling of a brothel with their beautiful lead singer standing outside waiting to seduce her next customer. The view to the left is a peek inside the “romper room” where customers are having a good time. In this case the customers are the rest of the band. Design and photoshop are by James. When I created the photo the doorway was on the right. It was a cool shot that James made even cooler.

You can view other photos from the shoot as well as find out more about the band at their website. Make sure to look at their schedule because you just have to see them live. And BTW, after you see them, let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Sustainable Design

Solar Energy

Last week I photographed the interior of this older brick building in Manhattan. The designers were very smart. They rehabbed the old building instead of tearing it down. More important, they figured a way to use the sun instead of electric lights. The conference room and many of the other rooms do not have to rely on electricity for light during the day, because there are large window that let in the sun. But it does not stop there. The interior walls are glass, so the hallways are also lit. And so that the conference rooms provide privacy, the walls become frosted with the touch of a button. Even when frosted, most of the sunlight still illuminates the interior of the building. Sexy stuff.

I really like the open airy feeling created by the sun coming through the conference room’s glass walls. I think it’s beautiful too, as it contrasts with the hardwood floor. What do you think?

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For The Birds

Broken Birds and Animals

Not long ago I visited a shelter for injured birds. I was going there to shoot a bald eagle for a financial services company that uses nature to communicate it’s message. I got the eagle in a variety of poses, always tethered to a post, and was able to shoot some other injured birds as well. In reviewing the shots I picked some favorites and found myself wishing they could be free. But the fact is, none of them can fly and they would starve in the wild.

Golden Eagle

This is one big bird. It was frightening to be so close to him. But I also felt lucky to be there. This owl is the other extreme. He was so cute I wanted to grab him and sneak him out of the shelter. But at least I got to capture his image.

Tiny Owl

Red Tailed Hawk

This was a beautiful animal. And again I felt drawn to him, but I would not want to look up at him through the eyes of a small rodent. The reason I was looking at all these images was because a client asked me about shooting animals. I’ve shot a lot of them but it’s not my specialty. I can’t resist showing one more bird however. My swan.

My Swan

This guy was so mad at me he wanted to rip out my throat, but fortunately the swan trainer was there. He actually rushed me a couple of times, but the trainer intervened. Why was he angry? He just didn’t like being asked to sit in a chair and vamp for the photographer. I can’t blame him. BTW, nothing in this photo is retouched. The swan really was sitting in the chair giving me dirty looks.

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Zen Garden

What Do You See

While on a walk through the Paddington section of London, I saw this courtyard or garden. there is something very zen about it. The globes are not just decorative, but calming in a way; especially from a low angle as you gaze across to the other pool in the distance. Like one of those zen sand gardens with boulders, I experienced a timeless calm. Of course they could have had bushes around the pools but I don’t think they would have worked as well. London’s parks are worth a visit.

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Peace Movement

East Meets West:

This poster, designed by Hartford area designer James Pettus, involved asking the actors to get into a fight. At some points in the shoot I was not sure they were acting or that there would be no injuries, but it was exciting and unique. James added the smoke and the teeth sparkle but the extreme perspective was mine. Shooting for theater is great as long as you don’t have to document the performance. It’s interesting to see how the art of posters is evolving on the web. Interactivity and animation might make this scene even more fun. What do you think?

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