Industrial Photographer

Refinery In California

My father worked at a refinery in California when I was a little kid. I never liked the smell, but I always thought they were impressive looking. One of the last times I was back there I couldn’t resist taking a shot of this one as the sun started to set. They might have cleaned it up since my visit.

All the oil refineries used to be right along the coast, including the one where my father worked. I miss California but when the wind was blowing the wrong way. Well, you know what I mean.

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Shanghai Ride

Missing Shanghai

Believe it or not I miss my travels to China and other places like Jakarta. At least now I am traveling around the US. In the near future I have North Carolina and New Jersey scheduled for shoots and very likely another trip to the Midwest. For this Hartford photographer travel has become a way of life that I find exciting. This photo was taken on my second trip to Shanghai and I was struck by the intensity of the city outside our window. My cab driver didn’t mind having me take a shot of his license. I doubt he’ll see it. By now he could be a bank president. That’s the way things are changing over there. Let me know about your experiences in China. This is another in my series on People At Work.

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