Location Photographer

On Location: Florida

I just re-discovered this photo from a shoot I did in Florida a couple of years ago. This is a shot, you will want to see large. Head over to my portfolio site and click on the location portfolio. We wanted to celebrate the labor of construction workers using the company’s product. The angle was dramatic and the day smiled on me with a beautiful cloud decorated sky. Conditions this February day were perfect. I didn’t even need photoshop to bring it to life. I’ve already been traveling more on assignment again. I recently returned from a trip to North and South Carolina and a trip to Atlanta is in the works. The highway is my home as Roy Buchanan once sang. Yet this Hartford photographer also digs the New England scene.

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Perfect Storm

Is there really a perfect storm? I think the pre-Halloween storm we had in the Hartford area was pretty close. With the wet snow, it took down branches from most of my trees and completely knocked down at least 4. I still don’t know how many others on my property will die because of broken branches.Remains of a really large tree that lost most of it’s branches and had to come down. It doesn’t look that large, but at the base it was over 3 ft in diameter. Here’s some more.

Have I mentioned that the snow that fell weighed 40 lbs per cubic foot and that it fell on trees that still had most of their leaves? No wonder the branches came down! Even the pine trees that are supposed to be able to take it lost a lot of branches.

We had at least 3 crews working on the cleanup. Things are getting back to normal, however. I only wish I had done a video with sound of what it was like as the branches and trees were falling with this sick thud. Sometimes you could hear a branch crack at the top and as it fell it took down a series of lower branches. My wife and I slept in the basement that night because we have one oak with some big branches hanging directly over our bedroom. Fortunately they are still there and our house survived without a scratch.

Were you in the storm? Let me know what happened to you. We can compare notes such as how long you were without power. For us, it was 8 days.


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Hartford Photographer Travels

From Hartford To Shanghai

When I started my advertising photography business in Hartford, I had no idea I would travel the world on assignment for big companies. I was blown away by China, Korea, and Indonesia. Fortunately, we always had guides and drivers to help us on our way. I’ve always been willing to drive in Europe (except the UK), but often it’s been more efficient in countries like France or Belgium to let the client do the driving. More about my adventures driving in Italy and Greece in upcoming posts. The trip of expanding my business from Hartford CT to Europe, Asia and South America has been an exciting ride. I’ve got stories and lots more photography so you’re invited.

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Shanghai Ride

Missing Shanghai

Believe it or not I miss my travels to China and other places like Jakarta. At least now I am traveling around the US. In the near future I have North Carolina and New Jersey scheduled for shoots and very likely another trip to the Midwest. For this Hartford photographer travel has become a way of life that I find exciting. This photo was taken on my second trip to Shanghai and I was struck by the intensity of the city outside our window. My cab driver didn’t mind having me take a shot of his license. I doubt he’ll see it. By now he could be a bank president. That’s the way things are changing over there. Let me know about your experiences in China. This is another in my series on People At Work.

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