iPhone Photography

How much fun is this? Can a pro photographer use the iPhone to do his thing? The verdict is still out, although I saw a link to using Instagram to do a fashion shoot. Here is a shot of one of my very special guitars; a mid 80′s Japanese Stratocaster with a 3 bolt neck. Don’t even think about asking me to sell it unless you are offering 6 figures. And even if I sold it for that I would live to regret it.

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Skateboard Culture

What He’s Looking For

Even though he seems like he lost his contact lens mid-air, this is a gesture that I saw a lot a couple of weekends ago in the Red Bull qualifying heat with Hartford area skater’s taking off. This kid had more talent than most, but for some reason he didn’t win. I think it has something to do with long hair. Tony Hawk became famous while he still had long hair. I guess you can cut it any length after you become immortal. My next door neighbor sponsors events like this including break dancing and graffiti sessions. I’m glad to see it happening in Hartford.

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